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Hello Friends,


The Missoula Irish Dancers are looking for your support. Due to the growing size of our dance school, and the number of dancers advancing to the Novice I and Novice II levels, we need to purchase more skirts. These skirts are beautiful and our new dressmaker provides a very high quality product. The teachers plan to promote several dancers from Beginner II to Novice I this fall which will create a shortage of skirts. This means we need 8 new skirts, which cost $300 each, so we will need $2,400 for the new skirts.

The Missoula Irish Dancers consist of a board of directors made up of the teachers and parents. We appreciate your consideration of donating to help keep our dancers in these beautiful costumes. The dancers will still continue to supply their own tops, kick pants (worn under the skirts), poodle socks, and shoes. The skirts will remain the property of the Missoula Irish Dancers and will continue to be passed down to new dancers as time passes. Each dancer is responsible for keeping their skirt clean and in good condition, and so far they have done a great job of this.




Donations can be made on our web site through PayPal, 

or mailed directly to our Treasurer, Mike Lucas.


6715 Diamond Drive, Lolo, MT 59847


Thank you for your support!

Missoula Irish Dancers, Board of Directors


Here is a rough sketch of the new skirts (the new skirts will have 4 pleats instead of 3 as shown in this drawing)



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